Caretaker For 1yo With Trach GJ Tube Cincinnati, OH
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March 19, 2023
Cincinnati, OH

About the Job

We're looking for a caretaker for our 1-year-old disabled son. He has a trach, G and J tubes. We're a family of 4 from Berlin and NYC and in Cincinnati for medical treatment for him.
We're looking for a caring and reliable person who must be comfortable with basic trach care like suctioning mucus, feeding over G and J tubes. We're open to train.
Rate and times negotiable based on availability and medical experience.

Job basics

How often: Full time

Hourly rate: $20.00 - $30.00/hour

Who we're looking for

  • Non-smoker

Who you'll care for

    Job schedule

    • Sun: 6-9am, 9-12pm, 12-6am
    • Mon: 6-9am, 9-12pm, 12-6am
    • Tue: 6-9am, 9-12pm, 12-6am
    • Wed: 6-9am, 9-12pm, 12-6am
    • Thu: 6-9am, 9-12pm, 12-6am
    • Fri: 6-9am, 9-12pm, 12-6am
    • Sat: 6-9am, 9-12pm, 12-6am

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